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Litter "B" 24th Jun 2011


Puppies from a combination of Inter Champion Majoshaza Reme BOSCO and KENDRA KAY Bastion Gwiazd born 24th June 2010.

Majoshaza Reme BOSCO Y.CH.Pl., Ch.Pl., Interchampion, HD-A, ED 0/0 - imported from Hungary,comes from a combination of the finest Italian lines. His parents are ZORRO Degli Elmi and REBECCA Del Rosso Malpelo.

KENDRA KAY Bastion Gwiazd Ch.Pl., PL.J.CH - more on page Our Bitches/KENDRA KAY Bastion Gwiazd

Both of parents with excellent temperament, balanced characters. They don`t have a tendency to aggressive behavior and anxient reactions.

Eight pups were born, two girls - black brindle and six boys - brindle and black brindle. 

In photos mother with puppies and father